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Kind words

Some of the lovely messages I have received.


Hear what people have to say about us!


I am mailing you to send thanks for allowing us to take Holly home at the beginning of the year. She has been a little wonder and a pleasure to train and love all in one very cute bundle.

We thank you for your help and professionalism – we were nervous at first, but you put us at ease both with your knowledge and updates of Hollies progress. Holly has turned out to be a wonderful addition to our family and has filled our life with both wonder and joy. Love and faithfulness along with high intelligence are simply a few of the qualities she displays showing that as a dog breeder you are first class – she does still remember the children and is always checking every child she comes across to see if the scent is one she knows. She is now coming up to six months and has all of her adult teeth now – her coat is gorgeous and health first class. She is everything to us and more….

We are a lucky family and cannot thank you enough. Should you decide to go forward with another litter in a year or two we would like to stay in touch.

Apologies for not mailing earlier – we have had a busy six months and our little lady has taken up most of our free time – we just cannot help but love her.


Ellie is doing fantastic – she is loved by our whole family who all spoil her rotten! She has made friends with lots of other dogs and regularly has her ‘doggy dates’! 🙂

She is still as playful as ever – and is absolutely full of character 🙂 By day she is an energetic and playful puppy, and in the evenings she loves cuddling up for snuggles!

Ash & Ellie are inseparable! He literally takes Ellie everywhere with him – even work! He absolutely dotes on her and spends half his day talking to her 🙂

As for me, she is my gorgeous baby and always will be! 🙂

We will arrange another visit to pop up and say hello when it is convenient.

Hope you and all the family are okay and doing well hun 🙂

Pip & Colin

We have been meaning to send you an email to let you know how our beautiful Bailey is.

I can’t believe she is nearly one and she is now very much part of our family.

I had never had dogs previously and after 10years of my husband pestering me I gave in (with some trepidation).

Our girls now love Bailey and I enjoy her so much more than I thought I would.

She is such a good dog, well behaved and clever. She sits, gives paw and does some dog tricks!!

She is tied up outside the school and all the children pat her and stroke her and she is so kind and gentle with them.

She has good recall and often let off the lead through the woods and river here where we live.

She was house trained quickly and we have never had any issues with her other than when we go on holiday and the girls miss her!

So just wanted you to know we love her very much and and you can see she is so beautiful!

Do you have some kind words?