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Size and Temperament

Did you know that AU labradoodles were Royal guard Dogs!


Temperament and Soundness are the two key elements of a Multigenerational Australian Labradoodle

They are very loving, social, highly trainable and excellent companion dogs with majestic beauty that compares to no other. Their eagerness to please and smart, soulful nature make them perfect for therapy work or a perfect family pet.

The Australian Labradoodle is naturally social and bonds well with their human companions. Overflowing with joy and fun, they bring endless amusement and happiness to those around them.

The Labradoodle is intuitive and intelligent, showing exceptional love and loyalty to those with special needs. Easily trained, the Labradoodle is an ideal companion for families of all kinds.


Australian Labradoodles are bred to three different sizes, these are miniature, medium and standard, here at Rossendale Labradoodles, our focus is on breeding the Miniature and Medium sizes.

All three Labradoodle sizes should be of equal appearance, temperament and confirmation.

Miniature: 8 - 15kg


Miniature: 14 - 16" at the shoulder, weighs 8 - 15kg

Medium: 15 - 25kg


Medium: 17 - 21" at the shoulder, weighs 15 - 25kg

Standard: 25kg +


Standard: 22" + at the shoulder, weighs 25kg+

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