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Did you know that AU labradoodles were Royal guard Dogs!


Labradoodle coats require a
regular brushing and grooming routine.

Labradoodle coats require a regular brushing and grooming routine.

There are some simple things you can do to help your dog’s coat stay free of mats and maintain that adorable look we all love.

We hope these tips help you keep your dog’s coat looking great in-between the visits to your groomer, and we hope you can make your Labradoodles grooming experience a fun and positive one!

Australian Labradoodles continually grow their coat, they need to be clipped regularly or they can end up too long for you to maintain, and then they will mat. How often you have your Australian Labradoodle trimmed will depend on how fast their coat grows, your personal preferences in how long you leave them, how much maintenance you want to do at home, and how often you have them groomed professionally.

 You can expect to bathe and completely blow out their coat every 3-4 weeks, and plan to have them trimmed approximately every 6-8 weeks.


For a full range of Australian Labradoodle colours and coat patterns, please see the Australian Association of America web page.

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