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Ready to buy a puppy?

Everything you need to know!

Step 1

Reserving your puppy

Once you get in touch we can discuss your requirements and how the puppy will fit into your lifestyle. When do you want a puppy?

If we have a current litter and there are available puppies, you can arrange a visit. Please note that you will be required to take a LFT and all visits will be inline with the government guidelines.

I can also put your name onto a waiting list at this stage you pay your non-refundable deposit.

Step 2

Choosing your puppy

Once the litter has arrived I will contact you to let you know how many are male and female.

At 6 weeks old, you will be invited to visit and select your puppy.  This is done in the order that the puppies were reserved. I will send you photographs and weekly updates of your puppy.

Step 3

Paying for your puppy

Once the collection day has arrived we can discuss how you would like to pay the balance of the puppy fee. We accept both bank transfers and cash. 

Purchase Process

Simple and straight forward

Our puppies are usually available to go to their forever homes when they are 8 weeks old. I do take reservations for puppies, and this can often mean that they are reserved before they are born. If you are ready to apply for a puppy, please contact me now from the link to my contact page below.

We export!

Countries we export to!

  • Ireland
  • Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • Finland
  • Sweden
  • Bermuda
  • Germany
  • Cayman Islands

More information!

Learn more

If you are not quite ready to purchase your puppy, and are still researching the breed, it may be a good idea to read my What is an Australian Labradoodle page.

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