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Health​ Testing

Learn how to improve the health and well-being, through a reduction in the incidence of genetic disease


The Australian Labradoodle is known for being a particularly healthy breed.

Due to its genetic diversity, here at Rossendale Labradoodles, we take our health testing very seriously, we extensively test our dogs to ensure they are suitable to become future parents to our puppies.

To improve the health and well-being, through a reduction in the incidence of genetic disease, all our Breeding dogs are genetically tested for the following as a minimum –

We hip and elbow score our dogs, this is done through either the BVA (British Veterinary Association) or the OFA (Orthopaedic Foundation for Animals).

DNA Profiling

Our breeding dogs are ALAA DNA Profiled. All of our breeding dogs have been DNA’d and their DNA profiles have been submitted to the ALAA. This has been done to protect the buyer and support parentage identification. We are proud to be an ALAA/DNA breeder.

Early Spay and Neutering

All our puppies will undergo neutering before leaving for their new families, this is to ensure the breed is developed properly by committed breeders. Australian Labradoodle puppies that are early spay/neutered are less likely to have complications during surgery and mortality rate is much lower, they are under anaesthetic for a considerably shorter period of time and thus they recover more quickly.

Spaying females will stop the bleeding that occurs and prevent any changes in behaviour associated with heat cycle. Early spaying of females also reduces the risk of them developing mammary cancer. Intact male dogs can develop antisocial behaviour when they reach maturity, scent marking, roaming and fighting. Neutered males don’t develop testicular cancer or the prostate problems. It eliminates the possibility of accidental litters or even intentional breeding by an inexperienced owner and allows the best puppies to continue to further the breed.

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